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Mission and Vision Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Marion Mix Elementary will accomplish this vision by:
  • Helping students, families, and staff develop a clear understanding of their individual and collective IMPACT by explicitly teaching and practicing high levels of reflective thinking.
  • Working collaboratively to identify challenges, develop solutions, and refine practices to better meet the needs of ALL students.
  • Providing high-quality first instruction which incorporates ongoing assessment of student learning that is frequent, accurate, specific, and timely, in order to move students toward academic proficiency and beyond.
  • Promoting critical thinking, innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving by making all learning relevant and aligned to 21st Century College, Career, and Citizenship readiness. 
Marion Mix Elementary Vision Statement

Marion Mix Elementary Vision Statement

Marion Mix Elementary will Empower ALL to:
  • Know Their Impact
  • Embrace Continuous Growth
  • Prepare for the 21st Century